Where to Buy Guava Fruits?

If you are living in Asian countries then there won’t be any problem looking for a place about where you can buy guava fruits. In fact, most people in Asia especially those that are in the equatorial region do commonly have guava trees planted at their own backyards. Thus, they don’t even need to buy this kind of fruit from the market.

However, if you are from the Western world then you may find some trouble trying to find where you can buy guava fruits. One of the main reason is that, this kind of fruit is not commonly known on these countries that some individuals doesn’t even know how to eat it.

So where can you buy guava fruits?

Look for Farms near your Area

The first step is to look for farms near your area and try to verify if they are producing guava fruits. You have to know that buying fruits that are fresh from the farm offers the best quality as compared from those that got preserve and being sold from the grocery stores. Some farms even allow their own customer to go into the plantation and pick their own guava fruits right from their trees.

Local Asian Groceries

If you live in a city then surely, there is no farm nearby that you can pay a visit. Thus, your next attempt is to check your local grocery stores particularly those that are catered by Asian products because they do have better chances of guava fruits available on their shelves.

Online Stores

Your last option of buying a guava fruit is to search it online. I actually do recommend Amazon and purchase from the company, Tropical Importers. They are a company that specializes in importing different sorts of tropical fruits where guavas is just one among them. There many other companies as well to choose from but it’s all up to you make your own research about them especially when it comes to their own reputations.

Some consumers who order guava fruits online often do encounter an issue where they received an overly-ripe guavas that at some instances, it is no longer edible. If you happen to experience this kind of situation then it means that your order came from a far distant location.

Guavas are actually very delicate type of fruit which makes it too difficult for shipment. They could easily get ripe in just a matter of one to two days. So if it takes three days to reach your door-steps then you already know what to expect. This is the current problem of all fresh fruit and vegetable shipping companies that they have been dealing for a very long time trying to find a good solution.

You might say, “Somebody got to do something about this”. There is actually a group of scientists who dedicated themselves in finding the best method for food preservation. So let’s just hope that they could discover an effective method at the soonest possible time.

Anyway, guava is a seasonal type of fruit. So if it happens that you are having a hard time looking where to buy it then, it is probably not its season yet. You might just want to settle down with those canned guava juice drink. The only problem is that, they are not 100% guava juice extract where there are other mixture of ingredients that are added especially sugar and preservatives.

If you really love eating guava that much but the availability of this fruit in your place is very limited then one of the best possible solution is to plant your own guava fruit tree. With the advancement of our farming technology, you can literally plant a guava tree through a pot and let it grow indoors but if you can place it outdoors then the better.

Perhaps, there is one more last option about where you can buy fresh guava fruits but it requires some amount of money for you to spend. If you really want to get a taste of that fresh guava fruit then you may want to consider planning a tourist vacation in some Asian countries. You just have to make sure that you go there during the right season.

Moreover, if there are any other available options on your mind that are not mentioned on this post then our community would really appreciate it if you share them on the comment form down below.