Scientific Name of a Guava Fruit


Guava is a very common type of fruit in all tropical countries wherein there are even many different types of breeds which provides different tastes. If you are interested, you can even plant your own guava tree which requires a few and easy steps. You can refer on the previous post entitled 'How to Plant Guava Seeds for Dummies'. The post will explain every details that you need to know about planting your own guava tree.

So what exactly is the scientific name of a guava fruit?

The answer is 'Psidium guagava L". If you are curios about the letter 'L' at the end, it is simply the 'author citation' which stands for 'Linnaeus'. Upon knowing the scientific name, you may also want to consider knowing the scientific classification of the guava fruit which are the following:

Kingdom - Plantae

Guava tree belongs to Plantae group because of its green colored leaves. Other classification of plants that falls into this group are those that form a clade which includes conifers, ferns and etc...

Division - Magnoliophyta

A guava tree also blooms small flowers which makes it categorized as a 'Magnoliophyta'.
Flower of Psidium guava, Guava ...Hoa Ổi ....
Class - Magnoliopsida

Magnoliopsida is the botanical class name for all flowering plants.

Subclass - Rosidae

Order - Myrtales

Family - Mytaceae

Subfamily - Myrtoideae

Tribe - Myrteae

Genus - Psidium

Species - Guajava

The Term Guava in Other Countries

Guava is simply the English term for the fruit but in different countries the fruit have different names. Below are the list of some countries along with the term on how they call the fruit in their own language:

Spanish - Guayaba

Romanian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian - Guava

Dutch and German - Gauve

French - Goyave

Portuguese - Goiaba

Arabic - Jwafa

Hindi - Amrood

Japanese - Guaba

Bengali - Pearah

Indonesian and Malay - Jambu or Jambu Batu

Filipino - Bayabas

Is your term for the guava fruit not mentioned on the list? Feel free to post on the comment form below the term on how you call the fruit in your own language. In some countries, they have different dialects wherein they call the guava differently. Thus, you may state your country and dialect then your term for the guava fruit.